Be the reason more men will believe in the magic of Brotherhood in 2021. image

Be the reason more men will believe in the magic of Brotherhood in 2021.

A monthly recurring donation will help sustain annual programs and services with predictable income.

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Believe in the magic of Brotherhood this holiday season

Magic is unexplainable, intangible and (almost) unbelievable. But you know it when you feel it. Brotherhood has that same effect.

Do you believe in the magic of Brotherhood? Alpha Chi Rho challenges and inspires all our Brothers to improve themselves and the world around them. Our men are servants to their local communities and prove every day that they are men of word and deed.

Alex’s story is one example of our magic. This year, his young graduate Brothers, family, and friends secured his legacy through AXPEF with donations in support of scholarships and grants in his name.

I give you my promise: your donation to AXPEF will help foster personal enrichment opportunities and lifelong memories for the men of Alpha Chi Rho. It will enhance the Brotherhood experience and continue educational support for your Brothers next year. A monthly recurring gift provides predictable income and keeps educational services running all year long. Whatever you decide to give, your actions show you believe in the magic.

May your home be filled with magic and joy, and your heart be filled with love and warmth this holiday season.

P.S. - If you want to give the gift of your time and talent, sign up to be a volunteer here!